Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plastic chains

I will be posting colorful plastic chains in smaller links than usual plastic chain in the market.

Im not a big fan of big link chains since I found that they look rough around the neck when you make necklaces.

So I spent countless days to find these asking so many suppliers.But most of the factories only make plastic chain in bigger link sizes(20mm and up).I finally found a factory that makes the size I wanted:)

I spent so many days and nights just to find them and bring them to list in my shop,girls!!So I hope you guys will enjoy them!!:D

I already looked up within Etsy,and there are not many seller who sell small plastic chains.So,they indeed are rare!!
They will get to me in a week or so,and I will post them on my site as soon as I can!!

Thank you:)                 Mika

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